Zhaofeng Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China

Huawei Electronics is a company specializing in the production of new energy vehicles, electric industrial vehicles, AGVs, civil aviation ground equipment, aerial operating vehicles, electric ships, commercial lawn mowers, lithium battery packs and other charging piles, chargers, DC-DC converter products National high-tech enterprise. We have our own independent import and export company, and our products are exported all over the world.

The company is located in Zhaofeng Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang City, a national sanitary and civilized city. The high-speed and high-speed rail stations are about ten minutes away from the company, and the Shuofang Airport is one hour away. The transportation is very convenient.

The company has a strong independent research and development team, and established a postgraduate workstation with China Southern Airlines.

The company has automatic printing machines, YAMAHA high-speed placement machines, automatic reflow soldering, online AOI, Panasonic automatic plug-in machines, automatic three-proof coating lines and other automatic production and testing equipment. The quality system is fully managed in accordance with the IATF 16949 system. , ERP management and barcode management are realized internally, and MES management is realized in the production inspection part. With UL insulation system certification, most products have passed CE certification, and some products have passed North American ETL certification.

Looking to the future, we will provide customers with more advanced technical solutions and quality services, and make due contributions to the development of the industry.

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